tap1 S3 [tæp] n
2¦(a light hit)¦
3 on tap
[Sense: 1, 3, 5, 6; Origin: Old English tAppa]
[Sense: 2, 4, 7; Date: 1300-1400; Origin: TAP2]
1.) ¦(WATER/GAS)¦ especially BrE a piece of equipment for controlling the flow of water, gas etc from a pipe or container
American Equivalent: faucet
Tap water (=water that comes out of a tap) is usually heavily treated with chemicals.
She went into the bathroom and turned on the taps .
kitchen/bath/garden tap
I washed my hands under the kitchen tap.
cold/hot tap
(=the tap that cold or hot water comes from)
2.) ¦(A LIGHT HIT)¦
an act of hitting something lightly, especially to get someone's attention
tap at/on
She felt a tap on her left shoulder.
There was a tap at the door.
3.) on tap
a) beer that is on tap comes from a ↑barrel
b) informal something that is on tap is ready to use when you need it
We've got all the information on tap.
4.) ¦(DANCING)¦ also tap dancing[U]
dancing in which you wear special shoes with pieces of metal on the bottom which make a loud sharp sound on the floor
an act of secretly listening to someone's telephone, using electronic equipment
The police had put a tap on his phone line.
6.) ¦(BARREL)¦
a specially shaped object used for letting liquid out of a ↑barrel, especially beer
7.) ¦(TUNE)¦
taps [plural]
a song or tune played on the ↑bugle at night in an army camp, and at military funerals
tap 2
tap2 S3 v past tense and past participle tapped present participle tapping
1¦(hit lightly)¦
Phrasal verbs
 tap something<=>in
 tap something<=>out
[Sense: 1-2, 8-10; Date: 1100-1200; : Old French; Origin: taper 'to hit with the flat part of the hand']
[Sense: 3-7; Origin: Old English tAppian]
1.) ¦(HIT LIGHTLY)¦ [I and T]
to hit your fingers lightly on something, for example to get someone's attention
tap sb on the shoulder/arm/chest etc
He turned as someone tapped him on the shoulder.
tap on
I went up and tapped on the window.
tap sth on/against/from etc sth
Mark tapped his fingers on the tabletop impatiently.
She tapped ash from her cigarette.
2.) ¦(MUSIC)¦ [T]
to make a regular pattern of sounds with your fingers or feet, especially when you are listening to music
She tapped her feet in time to the music.
a toe-tapping tune
3.) ¦(ENERGY/MONEY)¦ also tap into [T]
to use or take what is needed from something such as an energy supply or an amount of money
People are tapping into the power supply illegally.
We hope that additional sources of funding can be tapped.
4.) ¦(IDEAS)¦ also tap into [T]
to make as much use as possible of the ideas, experience, knowledge etc that a group of people has
Your adviser's experience is there to be tapped.
helping people tap into training opportunities
5.) ¦(TELEPHONE)¦ [T]
to listen secretly to someone's telephone by using a special piece of electronic equipment
Murray's phone calls to Australia were tapped .
6.) ¦(TREE)¦ [T]
to get liquid from the ↑trunk of a tree by making a hole in it
7.) ¦(PLAYER)¦ also tap up [T]
BrE informal if a football club taps a player from another team, it illegally tries to persuade that player to join its team
tap in [tap sth<=>in] phr v
to put information, numbers etc into a computer, telephone etc by pressing buttons or keys
Tap in your password before you log on.
tap out [tap sth<=>out] phr v
1.) to hit something lightly, especially with your fingers or foot, in order to make a pattern of sounds
He whistled the tune and tapped out the rhythm.
2.) to write something with a computer
Brian tapped out a name on his small electronic organizer.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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